Eazzy Totems

Discover our lightweight yet rigid display totems. Pops up and folds down in seconds.  Perfect sales-increasing retail marketing elements for Your Brand!


We’re not selling any revolution here. Only stuff that works exceptionally well for Your Brand.


Our standard range includes more than 50 different sizes and models. The totems all fold flat saving storage space and distribution costs. They are amazingly easy to deploy as they pop up in a few seconds. Eazzy Totems are supplied in elliptical, square and rectangular totem shape formats. Now what this all means to You is that You can present, exhibit and showcase Your products or brand in any retail, exhibition or promotion situation with ease and low cost. This is a great offer!

One size fits not all.
Let’s make it work for you!

While our totems can be customized in size, shape and accessories, the main concept and its technology stays the same. It is the same product regardless of its dimensions. Eazzy Totems are easy, fast, lightweight and they look absolutely great!

Great offer here. Really, it’s great.


Eazzy Totems are delivered flat and they require very little space.


You can customize the totem with side extensions and other accessories.


We have the world’s top FMCG brands as satisfied clients.

Get in touch. Pay less. Sell more.